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Please fill in the necessary items in the form below, please press the submit button after confirming the contents.

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* Minors can not use cars. please note that.

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※ For people within 1 year of taking a license I will enroll in the exemption and indemnity system it is necessary. In case you can not join Because you can not use the car please note that.
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    * If you wish to use QSS other than the subscriber When driving

(Health Insurance Card / Resident's Card / Social Insurance Receipt / Passport / Pension Diary / Seal Certificate / Alien Registration or Residence Card etc)

Questions · Requests · Wishing destination etc.
(Required) Please be sure to fill in. Please see Chitose Rent-a-Car Rental Agreement,Agree with the contents,Please check the following.

After confirming the contents of Chitose Rent-a-Car rental agreement, I agree.


  • お支払いは当日、現金またはクレジットカードにてお願い致します。
  • 貸出状況によっては、ご希望の車種を用意できない場合がございますがあらかじめご了承ください
  • 当社からの確認メールの送信をもちまして、予約確定となります。